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1975 AL Cy Young Award Winner Jim Palmer biography

Author: Grace Watson

Pitchers have long been seen as the most valuable players to have on teams in Major League Baseball. It is for this reason that pitchers only play 35 games per season, yet they still make the same amount of money as the other players on the team that play 160 times per year.

Each year there is an award given out to the best pitcher of the year called the CY Young award. This award is given to the best pitcher in the National League and the best pitcher in the American League. During the 1970s there was one pitcher that was more dominant than just about all of the other pitchers in the league. Jim Palmer was a fantastic pitcher and was the anchor to the pitching staff of the Orioles. During the 1970s Palmer managed to win the Cy Young award 3 different times. His awards came in 1973, 1975 and 1976.

Palmer was not only a solid pitchers for the Orioles in the 1970s, he was actually an anchor for the Orioles in 3 separate decades. He began pitching for the Orioles in the 1965 and continued his work until 1984.

Palmer had quite the career during his time with the Orioles. Over the course of his career he managed to put up a hall of fame caliber set of statistics. Whether you look at the amount of wins he got over the course of his career, the ERA that he achieved or the total number of strikeouts that went to his credit, he was simply a dominant pitcher over the course of his career.

During his career he managed a total record of 268-152. This is an excellent winning percentage, but his ERA reflects a pitcher that is even better than his win/loss record. He had an earned run average of 2.86 over the course of his career. It is stellar when a pitcher is in the low 3's in terms of ERA, but Palmer was clearly a cut above the rest as he had a career ERA under 3 over the course of his career. He also managed to strikeout 2,212 batters over the course of his career. Truthfully, this isn't an enormous amount of strikeouts for a pitcher that pitched for 20 years, but it is still impressive that he was able to be so effective for so long.

Over the course of his career he managed to rack up a number of accolades. He made the all-star team 6 different times over the course of his career. He also managed to help his team win the World Series three different times. He is one of very few players in the history of the game to ever win a World Series in three different decades. He also was a stellar pitcher in terms of fielding. He managed to win four gold gloves over the course of his career. He was voted into the hall of fame as 93 percent of voters approved his admission into the hall.

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A biography of 1975 NL Cy Young Award winner Tom Seaver

Author: James Jackson

The Cy Young award is among the most prestigious awards available to any pitcher in baseball. The award is named after Cy Young, one of the greatest pitchers in the history of Major League Baseball.

Because the award is so prestigious, the names of the pitchers that have won the Cy Young award over the course of their careers are revered and held as legends. One of the great pitchers of all-time was Tom Seaver. While the award is given to only one pitcher in the National League and one pitcher in the American League each year, Seaver was such a stellar pitcher that he managed to bring the award home multiple times over the course of his career. Seaver played for 5 different teams over the course of his career, but each of his Cy Young awards came to him while he was pitching for the Mets.

The Mets have simply never been able to bring a tremendous amount of talent to their team. Because of this Seaver is remembered as one of the greatest Mets of all time. He won his Cy Young awards in 1969, 1973 and 1975.

Tom Seaver was born in 1944 in Fresno, California. Seaver was always a great athlete, even when he was young. While Seaver had a great arm and is remembered as a baseball player, he had a potential career in basketball as well. Seaver was named one of the best players in his city. Despite his great basketball talent he was determined to play baseball in his college years.

Seaver ended up on the Mets by way of a big accident. The Dodgers first drafted Seaver in 1965 after displaying some great pitching for USC. The Dodgers were unwilling to give Seaver the money that he wanted and he was not signed by Los Angeles.

The Braves took the next stab at Seaver. He was drafted in the 1st round of the secondary draft and signed a contract with Atlanta. The Braves' contract was voided because his college team played two exhibition games. The NCAA proceeded to make him ineligible and it looked like he was going to be out of luck for that season. After this string of events Seaver's father appealed to Major League Baseball in hopes of getting him another opportunity to play in the big leagues. There were three teams that bid for Seaver including the Indians, Phillies and Mets. The Mets wont the lottery drawing and drew the ace that would carry their pitching staff for years.

Seaver was good from the beginning and was the Rookie of the Year in his first season. He won 16 games despite the fact that the Mets were very bad and was named to the all-star team.

Seaver managed to win a championship with the Mets and was a dominant player over the course of his career. He was named to the all-star team 12 different times and won 3 Cy Young awards. He was voted into the Hall of Fame on 99 percent of the ballots on his first ballot.

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James Jackson writes reviews on various sporting events including the different sportsbook websites. In this piece of write up the author highlights on some of legends of MLB and MLB Betting odds.The author also takes the readers thought on how to bet on baseball.

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Obama Is Now President!

Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

Now that Obama is officially president he's finding out what past presidents have discovered. It's near impossible to keep all of those campaign promises. It's also the common tale of the lovable PRINCE who has now become the despised KING!. Sure, Obama's popularity rating is high; however, is drifting lower and his first six weeks in office has that sense of COLD WATER being thrown in one's face.

Obama promised to do away with earmarks. You know, all of those get your hands in the cookie jar that all politicians use to get reelected. Obama's just signed the $410 billion bill that has NINE THOUSAND earmarks.

Obama promised a transparent government then today Russia went public with his private letter that seems to leave Europe hanging out there without a missile shield as he was willing to exchange that with Russia for some help with Iran; however, Putin and company said no thanks and went public with the not so transparent (would you say secretive) letter. So much for olive branches.

And the promise to cut taxes for 95% of the people just isn't going to happen!

Ah, how easy it was to RUN for the office than BE the office- of president.

Republicans attacked President Obama's proposed $3.6 trillion budget Tuesday as offering "red ink as far as the eye can see," and Democrats even suggested that the president might be trying to solve too many problems at once. As administration officials trekked to Capitol Hill to defend Obama's budget, they were met with skepticism from both sides of the aisle because of the huge changes the president has promised to make in taxes, health care, energy and education.

$3,600,000,000,000.00! It's just NOT going to happen. There's too many Democrats that can't get reelected in their districts by backing such a budget. The president's budget increases taxes on every American, and does so during a recession," Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., told Geithner. Camp also complained about provisions that would limit the size of charitable deductions that could be taken by families earning more than $250,000 a year.

Higher taxes on EVERYONE and a DEFICIT north of $1.7 TRILLION? It simply doesn't make sense and neither was Barack Obama's statement today that he didn't care how Wall Street was doing as he compared it to political polls that are up and down. Up and down? How about DOWN DOWN DOWN? Such a message tells investors to keep running for the exits, and he'll soon find out that if you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs there aren't enough eggs to do ANY of the things he wants to do....things that need to be done.

DUALITY doesn't work anywhere- especially in politics. Welcome to the real world Barack! I wish you well, but you need some moderation, a little backing off of the socialist agenda before you get tagged with some impressions that'll make any decisions you make untenable regardless of the Democratic majority in Congress.

About the Author:

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

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The Audacity Of Hope

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Why Michelle Obama Should Stick to Her Own Style

Author: Joanna Steele-Perkins

While most photographs of Michelle Obama, show how attractive, photogenic and elegant she is, the recently published photograph adorning the front page of Vogue Magazine is less than flattering.

Michelle was also photographed recently reclining on a sofa, presumably at the White House dressed in a beautiful apricot silk top with matching cardigan and tweed skirt in apricot, chocolate and beige. She was wearing a simple pair of earrings but no other jewellery. Her shoes were not visible, but I am certain they were simple, stylish and matched her outfit. She looked relaxed, confident and well-groomed; the height of understated sophistication and dressed in colours that really suit her colouring. Her dark hair, eyes and lashes, together with her warm brown skin, places her nicely into the “Deep and Warm” colour group. This means that deep, rich colours with warm or yellow undertones flatter her best.

Unfortunately, whoever dressed her for the photograph on the front page of Vogue Magazine, did not consider this when choosing the fuchsia pink shift dress she is wearing. This particularly shade of pink, is very strong and very cool. That is to say it has blue undertones, which is quite wrong for somebody with “warm” colouring. When I look at this picture, the first thing I see is the dress. As Coco Chanel once famously said “The badly dressed woman, people remember the clothes. With a well-dressed woman, they remember the woman”.

In nearly every other photograph I have seen of Mrs Obama, she has dressed in simple yet chic, classic items that are in colours that enhance her not detract from her. In the Vogue photograph, her pose looks unnatural and the combination of a high neckline the way she has been asked to sit, makes her arms look muscular, rather than toned. Although she is clearly a beautiful woman, she does not look her best.

Not even high profile women, such as Michelle Obama can get it right every time but I feel the body language displayed in the Vogue picture suggests that she is not entirely happy with this particular look. Perhaps in future, she should follow her own advice and stick to what she feels confident in and therefore comfortable wearing.

About the Author:

Joanna Steele-Perkins is a senior image consultant with Colour Me Beautiful image consultants.

Based in Taunton, Somerset, she is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers. She offers advice on all aspects of personal image and her services include colour analysis

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Chris Brown Beats Rihanna - Chris Brown Arrested

Author: GetRinger

Did Chris Brown really beat Rihanna? That's what news sources are indicated that happened on the night of the Grammy Awards. Chris Brown was immidiately arrested when Rihanna had called police directly after the incident. He was taken by the Los Angeles Police Department and is now under investigation for attacking and beating Rihanna.

Sources say that Chris Brown is a long time girl friend of the superstar singer and they had to cancel their live performance because of the incident at the Grammy's just the other night.

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Celebrities like Chris Brown and Rihanna whether they are actors, models, or sports players are typically in the spot light everyday of their live. It is very important that they are always aware of their decisions and think them through to the fullest because any wrong move that they make, the tabloids, news, and video cameras will be all over them to make a story of it.

Sometimes the act by a famous person doesn't even have to be that big of news, but the media does sometimes blow the story out of proportion making it more of a gossip issue rather than a true story. In this case Chris Brown was arrested for beating Rihanna which is rightfully so. Will his music career come to a screaching hault and will he apologize to everyone that he has hurt including Rihanna?

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Should Chris Brown Go to Jail? Vote Here

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Good Girl Gone Bad [6/5] *

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Eva Mendes: Happy to Be a Mature Actress

In the midst of child stars who grow up to be adult actors in their own right, vivacious actress Eva Mendes claims how glad she is that she started her own career off when she was already grown up. The American bombshell first gained star status at the relatively mature age of 28 in 2003’s action car flick “2 Fast 2 Furious.” She states that she feels very lucky to have had enough maturity from the very beginning of her career, unlike many members of young Hollywood who appear to lack the said maturity when dealing with the pressures of fame.
Eva states: "There are a lot of lost little souls in Hollywood - a lot of young women who have so much, who come into fame and fortune when they are young, and it's very difficult to handle that.

"I just thank my lucky stars for being an adult before being an actress."

Besides the maturity issue, she also claims how upset she is by rumors that she often gets catty with her female co-stars. The press often bugs this “The Women” star about her alleged disputes, and she gets really annoyed in the process. She explains that her getting bitchy and insecure around other women as beautiful as she is is a downright stereotype and should not be taken seriously in any way. Eva says: "It's a very sexist way of thinking. Nobody ever asks that when men work together in an ensemble cast. I have been in the business 10 years and I've never had a negative situation with another actress - ever!"

Her co-stars in “The Women” include Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Jada Pinkett Smith, Candice Bergen, Carrie Fisher, Debi Mazar and Debra Messing—lovely ladies all. The comedy film, directed by Diane English, is an updated version of the 1939 film of the same name directed by George Cukor, which was itself based on a 1936 play written by Clare Booth Luce. The film revolves around a set of gorgeous Manhattan socialites who take idle gossip very seriously.

For more celebrity news and gossip, visit Celebrity Gossip Hollywood.

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Celine Dion Tour Tickets - Information On Her Concerts

Submitted by reedstickets
Fri, 15 Feb 2008

Dubai is getting ready to welcome one of the biggest pop sensations of the world – Celine Dion! Some of her fans call her the “Titanic” lady! Her song “My Heart Will Go On” had broken many records and settled deep into the hearts of millions worldwide. And now, on March 2008, Dubai will witness a sensational event.

Her Las Vegas contract, which continued for three years at Caesars Palace, has come to an end. Now, Celine starts her world tour that includes concerts in 5 continents and more than 25 cities. Everyone is waiting with bated breath!

Come March and the box-office will be teeming with desperate fans ready to rip off the windows to get tickets! Already, the bookings have started. Nobody wants to miss this singing sensation. Even those who consider music their last choice of entertainment have, this time, decided to give it a try. The critics are ready too. But, they are gonna have a hard time trying to pick flaws in Celine Dion’s concert!
Celine Dion: A New Day - Live in Las Vegas

Celine is known to treat her fans with respect. Not only this. She sees to it that her fans experience one of the most memorable moments of their life. Her massive sets exude opulence and make her audience jump with delight. It seems as if she has thrown a party and invited everyone! Perhaps that’s the reason why people don’t think twice (in fact, they don’t think at all!) before buying Celine Dion tour tickets at high price. They are ready to shed dollars, but they cannot tolerate the disappointment of not getting tickets to Celine Dion’s concert!

It’s not just her own emotions that Celine shares with her audience. She is concerned about her fellow beings too. When WTO was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001, she rendered her voice at the “America: A Tribute To Heroes” telethon and paid honor to the victims of this unfortunate event through her song “God Bless America”.
Celine Dion - The Colour of My Love Concert

In spite of coming from a humble background, Celine has her feet firmly planted on the ground. But, when she is on stage, you can see her float like an angel from heaven, showering her love and passion though her voice!

Her unforgettable numbers include “My Heart Will Go On” by Claire Sweeney and Neil Diamond, “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day” by Clay Aiken, and “These Are Special Times” by Christina Aguilera. In addition to this, songs such as Jennifer Rush’s “The Power of Love”, Roy Orbison’s “I Drove All Night”, and John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” remained on the lips of listeners for a long time. Even today, when you hear these songs, you cannot help but hum them with delight.

Roberta Flack’s “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”, Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself”, Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”, Roy Orbison’s “I Drove All Night”, and Ray Charles’s “If I Could” made Celina’s voice reach even the remotest region of the world.
Celine Dion

So, what are you waiting for? Book Celine Dion tour tickets by dialing a number now!

Celine Dion

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Al is the webmaster of the Celine Dion Tour Tickets site, a New York City entertainment website with reviews and news on every event, as well as Celine Dion tour tickets information.